There’s Love Here...A Bedroom Refresh - ORC Week 5

With just 1 week to go in the One Room Challenge…I’m ready!
The main elements are in place and now it’s time to accessorize! We’ll just need a few finishing touches to get the space picture perfect.

Let’s Talk Money
I’ve endeavored to keep this refresh under $500. We’ve spent $385 on paint, wallpaper and supplies thus far. The remainder of funds will be spent on accessories. The new wall color really speaks for itself in the room so selecting art won’t require a whole bunch. I’ve painted most of the art in our home so I’ll be using one of my pieces coupled with photographs gifted from my photog friends. (Note to self: Remember to get frames)

I want to pause here.
I’m well aware that many people don’t have the luxury of a prop room or creative friends whose work ends up in your home. How can you, the design enthusiast at home, achieve a Better Homes and Gardens worthy look?

This is where I’ll shift the conversation to sustainability and using what you have.
That light fixture and pair of lamps in your garage? Re purpose it.
That mirror in the basement you scooped from a yard sale? Refinish it.
Don’t have any of these things? Visit your local salvage yard or check out The List. There are always great finds on The List


The Plan
You guys…I have a secret. I am soooo in love.
In the 14 years we’ve had the house, the master bedroom has remained virtually untouched until this challenge. It was comfy before but I wanted more.
I wanted an elevated look I initially described as a sexy minimalist jungalow. What does that even mean? It’s a feeling really and now…now it’s starting to feel that way!
To complete the space, I’ll be adding wall art, a plant or two and maybe…maybe more lighting. See below.

The Pitfalls
The biggest open item I am on the fence about is lighting near the bed and alcove.
I’m debating on table lamps vs. sconces on each side of the bed. The lamps will provide more flexibility in the space while the sconces will undoubtedly provide more sexy. Flexibility vs. sexy. Decisions decisions.
Also still up in the air about lighting for the alcove. It doesn’t need it but it would be a nice added touch. With a week to go, I really need to get moving if I want lighting installed.

The Progress
Be sure to check out behind the scenes in my IG stories too and of course, you are welcomed to see what I’m loving on my Pinterest page.
This will be an especially busy week on Instagram. See you there!

still excited? heck yea!

still excited? heck yea!