Unpopular opinion: You don't need to buy furniture when you first move


Before you buy all your furniture, read this..

You’ve signed a lease. You’ve created Pinterest boards for every. single. room.
Now, with the keys in hand, you’re asking “What do I buy first?”
Unpopular answer: Nothing.

Furnishing a home takes time and thoughtfulness. The best designed spaces are layered over time.
Buying pieces prematurely can lead to an expensive mess.

Here’s what to do while you wait:

Got a blowup bed? Use it.
Live in your space first. Do not buy that tufted California King you saw in your fav’s IG feed.
This may mean camping out on an inflatable mattress for a few weeks.

Feel The Vibes
By feeling your space out, your new home will tell you exactly what it needs. Will that entryway be better suited with a bench, console or slim profile table? You’ll walk in your front door for the seventh time and realize you realllly need a place to sit when taking your shoes off and it would be great if there were something to sit on…like a bench ;)

Get Out of Your Head
Worried about what people will think? Stop that. No seriously, stop.
No one that matters will care and if they do…those are not your people.
Real friends will bring takeout and eat with you on a radiator cover. Trust me on this.

Only Buy Furniture You Love
Simply liking a piece just won’t do. You need to be in love with it. Real love.
Those are the pieces that will last. We are intentionally furnishing our spaces and our lives with care.

…and if you need help along the way, reach out to a pro. I provide a range of services from a working consultation to more comprehensive, full service support.