The Green Room at Wakefield

This is part blog entry, part write is down so it manifests…

When I first began the journey as a Designer, I had no clients. I didn’t know how to pitch anyone and knew nothing about client acquisition. They certainly weren’t seeking out my services. I tried to use Thumbtack to connect me with those who were looking to hire a designer.
That didn’t last long.
I learned very quick lessons that 1) You may have to fire clients 2) I was over this way of connecting with people!
So there I was…
No clients, no money and no clue what to do next. Did I mention I was also in the process of leaving my full time role? Yeah…it was a wild time.

I was able to generate some income by offering pre designed spaces to film companies who were looking for a specific style without the hassle of recreating that aesthetic on set. The first location was a loft in Navy Yard, Brooklyn which I co managed with a friend + business partner.

In 2017, we made a decision to codify our pricing structure to increase profitability. Though we’ve had the loft since 2014 and booked it sporadically, there was a need to boost its income generating potential when I left my job.

The loft was popular! By early 2018, we were among the top 10% of reserved locations in the New York market on the two largest hosting platforms.
Our spot was top 2 for months and we weren’t number 2 ;)
With over 240 bookings, the loft hosted a wide range of events from birthday parties, multi day productions, to dance recitals and everything in between.

The two Harlem spaces were added mid 2018. The first and larger of the two, a luxurious studio lounge has hosted events from political fundraisers to a D'USSÉ photo shoot.
The second location, a svelte apartment with a terrace has also seen its share of fun. We’ve hosted podcast recordings, music videos, interviews, productions and just a few weeks ago…a cocktail hour by a chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

The first Philly space, a chic townhouse on a tree lined street was added to the mix in late 2018. Most recently, it was booked by the Travel Channel for the series, Dead Files.

I now have three locations under management in New York and Philadelphia. Over the past 2 years, our spaces have been booked by ABC, Akoo, Centric, CNN, HBO, GrubHub, National Geographic, The Oxygen Network, Vice and many more.
Our fourth location is in the beginning phases of a build out and slated to open in the fall. The new space boasts 1000+ sq ft of a raw, light filled warehouse and an 2200 sq ft rooftop patio. It will be the preeminent production and design studio in Philadelphia.

Welcome to…


The Green Room at Wakefield