Residential & Commercial Interiors

ọlọrọ interiors offers full service residential and commercial interior design services. Whether it’s a home, office or retail outlet, each uniquely designed room should reflect your lifestyle or a brand style. We do just that. The partnership with the client throughout our detailed process ensures your completed space is well curated.

Interior design is a complex form of art. It is intimate. It is personal. Each finished space holds a sense of pride, comfort and self-expression reflective of our client’s style.

Great results begin with gaining a clear understanding of your vision and goals. We pride ourselves on open communication and responsiveness to deliver an outstanding space.

Staging & Hospitality Design

Today’s buyer has incredibly high expectations and a variety of listings to choose from. Make your listing stand out. A staged space sells faster and at a higher return than those left empty or as is.  Staging highlights potential within a space.  The result: greater profits and quicker sales for sellers, investors and brokers.

We also provide a range of design services to the hospitality industry, helping to build brands and enhance experiences for guests and consumers. 



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Great Work in Space Design

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— A.B.

Great Work in Space Design

“We used Oloro for help with interior design and layout. The space is used for rentals so sparsely arranged but Oloro (and Chanae) was very helpful in making color & furniture selections, and space layout. Great work in laying out a large open space.”

— M.S.

Long Term Relationship.

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Take a break from the hustle and bustle.

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