4 Home Hacks for the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching. Whether you’re extremely excited or filled with dread, here are 4 home hacks you didn’t know you needed that will cover you for seasons to come:

Champagne Popping? Make it last a second and a third day.

Simply throw in a teaspoon, handle down, into the bottle's mouth, refrigerate and enjoy over the next few days.

Skip the dryer sheets. Use tennis balls + essential oils.

Want to freshen up those linens before your mother in law arrives? Grab your favorite essential oil and add 3-5 drops to each ball then toss them in with your load. Lavender is my fav!
You’ll also say goodbye to static cling!

Use a Mister on Prepasted Wallpaper

Want to get that wallpaper up before your holiday guests arrive? A hair or plant mister will help. The light, steady stream of water allows for targeted and even coverage. Don’t forget to give the seams extra attention.

Boil then Salt

Okay…this is a no judgement zone right? I have until very recently, thought salting will make the water boil faster. Incorrect!
Salt increases water's boiling point,(the temp. it must reach in order to boil). ... Adding salt means your water needs more heat to start boiling than pure water does. More heat = more time. So your water is hotter, but it's not boiling any faster

More Hacks?
What are some other hacks you use at home?