Wallpaper made easy


Want to accent a wall in your home and scared of using wallpaper? You’ve come to the right place. Hanging wallpaper can see like a big job. Whether prepasted or unpasted, It’s very possible to get those panels up in just a few hours.

My tips:

Gather your things!
Get your supplies in order. You’ll need the following:
Enough wallpaper to cover your desired space
Tape measure
Razor blade
Adhesive - Roman is my fav!!
Primer - I highly recommend Zissner 123
Tray for the adhesive
2 roller brushes - One for the applying liquids, the other to apply pressure after hanging…this one should stay dry
Paint brushes



Prep + Prime
Remove nails, hooks, plate covers, etc. Sand any areas that are raised and not smooth. Using a dry paint brush, remove excess dust from walls. Then, fill any large holes and allow the filling to dry. Next, you’ll want to use a primer (Zissner is my favorite).

Measure, measure, measure then cut!
Your walls, the wallpaper, everything. You’ll use the length of the the wall measurement to decide how long your panels will have to be. Depending on the repeat, I recommend adding at least 6 inches for trimming.

Get your repeat on lock BEFORE you hang
If you have a detailed design or mural, unroll your panels and lay them side by side to determine where the repeat is. After lining the panels up, be sure to make a few marks where they line up on both sides of each panel. Also, make a clear indicator where the very top of your panel will be. This may be an edge or a marked area a few inches down from the edge.



Wet it
Moisten your strips with water from spray bottle. Do not, however, drown the sheet. You want it damp…not soaked. A more flexible panel is the goal here.

Apply Adhesive and Hang
Roll the adhesive on the moistened panel. Get every inch of that baby glued up and be sure to give extra love to edges. You’re now ready to hang. Starting a the corner farhest from a door or corner, hang your first panel. The top of your panel may or may not be your top edge. The markings you made earlier will help if it’s the latter.

Smooth + Trim
Using a combo of your hands and the dry roller, smooth out the hung panel. Step back and look at it. Is it straight? No? You have time to adjust it. Do that now. Gently lift if and readjust as necessary. Once it is in place, trim excess using a sharp blade. Repeat with the next panel making sure to line up those seams.

One thing I didn’t do in the video that you should consider:
Use painters tape for your borders. It makes cleanup much easier.

Now hang away! You got this.

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