Big box store or local nursery...Where do you shop for plants?

My love for plants runs deep. Deep deep.
There’s something so very comforting about having a piece of the living environment in close proximity to where we live and work. We all want Hilton Carter levels of plant gang.

The real struggle is finding plants that both work well in my space and are reasonably priced. Cost is a consideration and so is sustainability.

Where do you buy plants?
Choosing to buy plants a big box store over a local nursery has its upsides. It’s almost always cheaper and the return policies are generous if you keep your receipt!

A nursery, however, is staffed with folks who are far more knowledgeable about your new plant baby. From watering tips to troubleshooting root rot, they are the best kind of know it all’s. Variety at a nursery generally trumps that of your big box store too.

What to do? I’ve found a Home Depot just outside of Philadelphia with superb variety and a gardening department that actually cares about their plants. Most of the plants are from here.

This lovely alocasia-lauterbachiana, a rare variety of elephant ear, is my newest find. I grabbed a few ferns and a purple waffle plant too. Do you love or do you love?