Fall Plant Care in the Northeast

It’s about that time! Those houseplants on the porch have had a wonderful growing season filled with summer sun and rainwater. Talk about explosive growth!
…with the dip in morning temps means it’s time to bring those babies in. How do we best care for the gang now?

Give them the light

Be sure your plant is in the best light inside. Whether direct or indirect, our light source is a key factor in keeping happy and healthy plants

The kind of light that is most optimal depends on the plant type. Succulents do particularly well in south facing windows while fig trees love a long day of direct, east facing light. Kangaroo fern seem to enjoy indirect light…this is where research comes in. Really get to know the needs of your green friends.

More importantly - Place your plant where it will thrive, not where it’s most aesthetically pleasing. Don’t think twice about this.

Put it on pause

Dial back the fertilizer. Now that the growing season is over, it’s time to give your babies a rest.

This is the time of year plants prepare themselves to go into dormancy. Be sure to let them do their own thing and save the fertilizer for Spring.

Drip drip

I am a huge proponent of rainwater for plants. It is a difference maker in plant care.

This sounds soooo extra but trust and believe there’s a bucket outside we’ve MacGyver’d to collect rainwater. Don’t judge me. You see my plants though. You know how happy we are. This is especially true at the warehouse where I swear the tap water tried to do a number on the plant gang.

Winter is coming. Get through the Fall season with these tips and prepare your own plant gang for the frigid temps!