Questions to Ask Before Buying a Plant

Hey lovers..

The original title for this post was “Stop Buying Fiddle Leaf Figs” because let’s be honest…they are so incredibly beautiful. And while we’re telling the truth, everyone isn’t about that #flf life.
Instead of hurting your wallet and feelings, here are 5 questions to ask yourself before buying your next plant:

Can I commit to caring for a plant?
Care involves more than just watering. It’s paying attention to the overall health of the plant. It’s both spotting yellowing of leaving or root exposure then being willing to figure out what’s going on.
If the answer is no, maybe a plant is not for you. Or, maybe you should consider a super low maintenance plant.

Where will it live?
Plants need a location that is most optimal for growth. While we are inclined to put that monstera front and center where it’s most aesthetically pleasing, is there a place for your new green friend where it can live it’s best life?

Is it pet/child safe?
Safety first! Check whether it’s safe for your human and furry friends.

Where will I buy it?
Nursery? Big box store? Craigslist? There are several options with tons of variety.

What kind of plant is right for me?
Now this can (and will) be its own entire blog post but knowing what plant fits your climate, lifestyle, budget, etc.
Knowing which is right for you is really half the battle.

Carmeon Hamilton has a plant parent guide that’s super helpful for beginners and seasoned plant vets. I have a physical copy in hand but for those of you who want it now, grab the digital version.